Platelet Rich Plasma FAQ

1. What is PRP?

2. What does the PRP facial treat?

3. How does PRP work?

4. When will I see results?

5. How long is the recovery time?

6. Is the procedure painful?

7. How long is the treatment?

8. Is it safe?

9. Am I I good candidate for a PRP facial?

10. What else can I do with PRP??

Q. What is PRP?

A. PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. A simple in-office non-surgical procedure which uses a concentrated serum processed from your own blood in conjunction with micro-needling rejuvenates the skin, promotes healing, and stimulates collagen growth.

PRP works by utilizing your own natural platelets to instruct the body to create new collagen for taunter, smoother, and better toned skin. The PRP works by targeted the "injured" area caused by the micro-needling. The plasma serum behaves the same way the body would respond if there were an actual injury by rushing to aid the area in need by releasing growth factors and stimulating the production of new collagen.

The use of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) delivered directly to the dermis enhances the micro-needling treatment for expedited healing and strengthening the skin's tissue. The PRP also has factors which stimulate the blood supply to the skin to create a look of glow and overall refreshing rejuvenation.

Q. What does the PRP facial treat?

• Overall complexion
• Acne/Injury scars
• Fine lines
• Sun damaged skin
• Brown or red discolorations

Q. How does PRP work?

A. A small vial of blood is taken from your arm (less than normally taken for a routine blood test.) The blood is then placed in a vial and spun in a centrifuge to separate the red blood cells and plasma. The process concentrates the platelet count to about 4 times the normal amount. It is this platelet rich plasma, often called "liquid gold," that is then applied topically after the micro-needling treatment. There is also an option to have PRP injected into the problem areas, such as the under eyes.

Q. When will I see results?

A. The benefits of this treatment can be noticed as soon as 1 day. The skin can continue to improve over several weeks and benefits can last for months. Typically the skin can appear "sun burned" or reddish/pink for 1-2 days. Makeup can be worn as early as the next day. Micro-needling using PRP offers the most natural and effective approach to anti-aging. Our patients leave their appointment with firmer, smoother, and younger looking skin.

Q. How long is the recovery time?

A. Typically there is little to no downtime associated with the treatment. Some redness of the treatment area may last a day after treatment. Minor bruising may occur, but clears up in about a week and can be concealed with cosmetics. Normal activity can be resumed immediately, but your face should be protected from the sun.

Q. Is the procedure painful?

A. Numbing cream is applied to the treatment area before the procedure allowing for the treatment to be very comfortable. Most patients don't feel much sensation.

Q. How long is the treatment?

A. On the treatment day, the entire visit lasts about 2 hours. The actual procedure requires about 90 minutes.

Q. Is it safe?

A. PRP skin treatments are extremely safe. Because PRP is produced from your own blood, there is no risk of an allergic reaction. In addition, platelet rich plasma contains concentrated amount of white blood cells, your natural defenders against infections. As a result, infection is extremely rare.

Q. Am I I good candidate for a PRP facial?

A. Patients with skin disease (SLE, porphyria, allergies), cancer, chemotherapy, severe metabolic and systemic disorders, abnormal platelet function (i.e. blood disorders), and underlying sepsis should not receive a PRP treatment.

Q. What else can I do with PRP?

Try a PRP lift! PRP can also be injected into a specific location to target the skin from below, aiding in rebuilding and smoothing the skin from within.