Non Invasive Eye Lift

The non-surgical “Madonna Lift” procedure utilizes a fractional CO2 laser to reduce the appearance of dark circles and wrinkles around the eye, while tightening the upper and lower lids to alleviate a drooping eyelid. It has a number of the benefits of a surgical eye lift without the cost, risks, and downtime.

Fractional lasers differ from other lasers used in cosmetic procedures. Instead of sending out a single, steady beam of light, the CO2 fractional laser emits light in columns. The columns address specific locations of skin, leaving surrounding undamaged areas untouched. The laser promotes collagen production which tightens up the treatment area to make the eyes look more open. The focused laser treatments result in limited skin damage for quick healing.

Before the procedure is performed, we apply a topical numbing cream to the treatment area, then we apply numbing eye drops before the eye shield are placed into the patient’s eyes for protection. Treatments are only a few minutes long, but you should plan on being in the office for about an hour for pre and post numbing and cooling of the treatment area. About 3 sessions every two or three weeks are generally required to achieve maximum results. (1 to 6 treatments may be needed depending on the condition and desired results.)

Because there is no anesthesia used, recovery is relatively quick and easy and patients experience little discomfort during and after the procedure. Some redness and puffiness should be expected for a day or two after treatments. Makeup may be immediately applied after the procedure to disguise the discoloration. Madonna Lift results are predicted to last as long as five years.

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