LED Anti- Aging Facial Rejuvenation System for the face and neck was founded with one main principle in mind: to deliver a safe and effective anti-aging facial procedure.  Treatments are generally done once a month. This treatment is perfect before a big event. Results are immediate with zero downtime.  After your LED anti-aging facial, you will notice smaller pore size, reduced fine lines, and tighter skin on their face and neck. Patients can walk out of the office feeling more youthful and refreshed.

Benefits of LED Anti-Aging Facial for Face and Neck:

-Stimulate collagen on a cellular level

-Reduce fine lines and wrinkles

-Minimize pores

-Even out skin discoloration and hyperpigmentation

-Reduce acne breakouts

LED light therapy has been supported by many leading board-certified dermatologists and world renowned plastic surgeons across the world. Take advantage of the most elevated technology available, and use one of the world’s best anti- aging treatments. LED facial rejuvenation technology is gentle and delivers precise amounts of energy to the skin. The device works to simultaneously repair the collagen in the dermis, while also gently erasing those worrisome signs of aging in the upper layers of the skin.